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CASA of North Texas is seeking an Executive Director to provide Program Management including Staff Leadership and Supervision, Fiscal Management, Community Relations and Fundraising (including grant writing, special events, planned giving and annual campaign).
For more information, please see the job description below. Interested applicants should email a resume and cover letter to  with “Executive Director” in the subject line. Job posting will close on January 31, 2021 or when the position is filled.


The Executive Director shall be the Chief Administrative Officer of CASA of North Texas, Inc., and shall be hired by the Board of Directors of CASA.  The Executive Director shall report directly to the CASA Board of Directors.



The Executive Director shall:

  1. Manage and operate the CASA of North Texas agency:

  2. Implement and carry out the policies and procedures in keeping with the By-Laws of the agency, as established by the Board of Directors of CASA of North Texas;

  3. Maintain efficient office systems to provide timely reports and records for clients, grantors, and the Board;

  4. Conduct periodic and systematic assessment on a determined time scale of the agency’s operation in order to determine;

    1. Progress toward annual goals and objectives;

    2. Effectiveness in helping clients;

    3. Whether the programs of the local CASA and its’ activities are continuing to be effective according to the purposes of the agency and the requirements of all contractual agreements;

    4. Determine if the programs and services of the local CASA are still needed in the community; and

    5. Determine if there are unmet needs for which the local CASA should provide services.

  5. Participate in and attend all Board meetings, presenting input toward Goals, objectives and policies & procedures;

  6. Attend committee meetings when asked to do so;

  7. Review and recommend amendments or changes on office policies and procedures adopted by the Board in order to effectively direct operations establishing and promoting high morale with/among employee(s) within the local CASA agency;

  8. Maintain current, up-to-date reference materials relating to federal, state, local laws, or any other regulations that affect the day to day operations of the local CASA agency;

  9. Develop and maintain a positive and attractive office environment for all employee(s), visitors and volunteers;

  10. Review and approve volunteers’ court reports;

  11. The Executive Director is responsible for directing all office procedures and policies as adopted by the Board.

  1. The Executive Director of CASA of North Texas may be required to accept assignment of cases if:

  2. there is a directive from the District Judge;

  3. or there arises a need to assist a volunteer for training purposes.


The Executive Director of CASA of North Texas shall:

  1. Develop a plan that is broad based and systematic in order to secure sufficient resources to fund programs of the local CASA, including, but not limited to:

  2. Grant Contributions:

    1. Prepare grant applications

  3. Fund-raising projects:

    1.  Special events, with direction from the Board.

    2.  Provide staff leadership to implement any fund raising plan or event

  4. Direct mail

  5. Develop and maintain relationships with donor and donor prospects:

    1.   Set up and maintain donor records.

    2.   Develop and implement donor recognition.

    3.   Develop and implement communication programs with donors and donor prospects.


  1. Develop and recommend to the Board an implementation and development plan of programs, which fulfill the local CASA’s mission;

  2. Develop cost-effective methods, which have been approved by the Board, of operating programs that meet the needs of clients and prospective clients;

  3. Oversee and direct the recruitment, training, interviewing,            

  4. Attend training and retraining sessions for new recruits and volunteers when possible; 

  5. Oversee and ensure that all clients are represented by the most effective volunteer that meets the needs of the clients.



  1. Develop and maintain public relations for the program;

  2. Develop and utilize a system of effective methods to communicate with the local public media, including the newspapers, radio stations, TV, health fairs, etc. to disseminate information concerning the program;

  3. Provide printed and published materials for distribution to donors, prospective donors, and community leaders;

  4. Seek out other individuals in the community that would be  instrumental in supporting the program by their contributions as well as conveying positive information to other individuals who could effectively help support the agency;

  5. Be a positive and professional representative in the community to coordinate agency objective and goals with other community activities;

  6. Develop and maintain a positive and continuing effective relationship with other community agencies, i.e. United Way and service clubs.

  7. Provide public education in the form of printed materials, seminars, public speaking engagements, and presentations to service clubs, etc., to the public concerning child abuse and neglect.



The Executive Director shall:

  1.  Prepare an annual budget for the operation of the local CASA and submit it to the Board for their recommendation and approval;

  2. Administer all financial matters of the local CASA as set out in the annual approved budget;

  3. Solicit and obtain an annual financial audit of the local CASA as authorized by the Board;

  4. Implement any changes or suggestions made by the auditing agency, as approved by the Board;

  5. Organize and maintain the local CASA’s financial records according to generally accepted accounting principals of the AICPA;

  6. Set up a management system to administer all assets of the local CASA AGENCY.  This includes:

  • Cash

  • Securities

  • Building(s)

  • Furnishings

  • All equipment

  • Any land owned, lease, or maintained by the local CASA agency

  • Execute and complete all legal financial requirements of the local CASA Agency, i.e. IRS forms, payroll tax forms, and any other forms required reporting of financial management of the local CASA



The Executive Director has the responsibility of overall personnel management


  1.  Prepare a statement of personnel policies for the agency and present to the Board for their consideration and approval.  After being approved by the Board, the Executive Director shall deliver a copy of the personnel Policies to each employee of the local CASA agency.  The Executive Director may from time to time suggest amendments or changes in the Policies to the Board for their consideration and approval if appropriate.

  2. Develop an office procedure policy to include all employees;

  3. Work closely with the staff employees to develop a teamwork relationship for providing services to the community.

  4. After careful and diligent preparation, select, hire and supervise suitable employee(s) in order that the objectives and goals of the local CASA agency may be carried out.

  5.  Provide each employee a copy of the employee's job description and personnel policies.

  6.  Ensure that each staff member’s performance is reviewed annually and make recommendations as needed.  (Staff directly supervised by ED will be reviewed by ED.  Other staff directly supervised by others will be conducted by their direct supervisor and reviewed by the Executive Director.)

  7. Develop a program for continuing education program for staff development.

  8. After research of competitive salaries and benefits of like agencies in surrounding areas, the Executive Director shall recommend to the Board any adjustments to or pay increases that commensurate with the employee(s) tenure, job performance and review, and willingness to work for the good of the local CASA agency.

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