A Safe Home - A Loving Home - For EVERY Child.

I am for the child who has been abused.

Who doesn’t want to go home.

The child who no longer believes in herself.


I am for the child who has been neglected.

Who doesn’t know where her next meal is coming from.

The child who must be the parent to his siblings.


I am for the child who was taken

away for her own protection.

The child who is not in foster care.

Who doesn’t know who these people are.

Or how long he’ll be there.


I am for the child who’s lived in

five foster homes in a single year.

Who’s attended six schools in four years.

Who sits in back of yet another classroom,

surrounded by strangers.


I am for the child who one day will turn 18 -

and will be surrendered to the world.


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Jerry Metzler

Volunteer Recruiter/Trainer
940-665-2244, ext. 209
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